Brown Memorial Weekday School April Newsletter

Brown Memorial Weekday School
April Newsletter

Brown Memorial Weekday School has been part of the Baltimore Community for over 50 years. I believe that the founders of the school would be very proud to see the school today. These impressive woman were forward thinking educators who created a school that has endured the test of time. On behalf of the school and all the children who have benefited from their vision, I would like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you to Mary Ellen Thompson, Jill Brent, Debbie Miller, Jeanne Sommerville, Helen Post Hart, and the original Director, Helen Baird. Their knowledge and vision has made it possible for generations of children to begin their educational journey with an ignited sense of wonder as lifelong learners. These women were the foundation of our school and remain an important legacy for the BMWS as we move to the next chapter of the school’s history at St. Thomas’.

As we near the end of the year, I find myself feeling very sentimental about the school and all the happy memories I have here at Brown. It has been such a gift to work with so many wonderful families and children. Over the years, I have loved seeing strong friendships and warm connections develop as a result of being part of this program — not only for the children, but their parents and teachers as well.

While I recognize that some of our families will not be able to make the transition to St. Thomas’, I know that the children who have come through our doors will benefit from their time here at Brown. Through a variety of experiences, both indoors and outdoors, children have been encouraged to take risks, ask questions, and problem solve under the gentle guidance of their teachers. Through these varied and sometimes challenging learning opportunities, the children have gained foundational skills needed for their educational journey beyond the walls of BMWS.

With that said, our doors and arms are always open to all our families should any of your situations change, enabling you to make the transition to St. Thomas’ with us. In an effort to accommodate any of our families who cannot come to our new location on a regular basis, we have opened up our afterschool program for next year. Families who are not part of our morning program can join us for an afternoon of Nature Adventure and Yoga on Mondays or Wednesdays starting at 12:30 pm. We hope that through this program some of our children can still participate in the Brown experience. We cherish our wonderful families. Please know that you always have a place in our hearts.

At the same time, I am very excited for the upcoming year at St. Thomas’. Major planning for both the indoor and outdoor spaces are underway as the move nears. New flooring, cabinetry, sinks, and paint will only enhance the already beautiful light filled classrooms. Gardens will be planted this spring and our large wooden playground structure will be moved to our new home.

I also want to thank our families for all the kind words that you have shared on Google reviews, Yelp, Great schools, and for liking us on Facebook. It is a nice way to show your appreciation for the school and especially the teachers who are the heart of our program.

We are busy planning our End of Year Celebration scheduled for Thursday, May 23rd. We are hoping to make this year’s event extra special, so please mark the date on your calendar.

Allison Bond
School Director