Rector Search

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March 2020

As of March 15th, all church activities have been POSTPONED due to the coronavirus pandemic. Visit for information on worship. Be assured the Day of Discovery will be rescheduled when it can be conducted safely.

The Portfolio Team has planned a Day of Discovery: A summit to gather information for the Rector Search. Planned for Saturday, March 28th, from 2 – 5 pm. Please respond to the office to attend: 410-363-1044 or email

February 2020 – Formation of Portfolio Team

After the Christmas holidays, the Vestry’s work in forming a Portfolio Team resumed. As of the February 2020 Vestry meeting on February 11th, they were still awaiting answers from a few people on the call to serve. The Portfolio Team had their first meeting on February 22nd and were commissioned at the 2020 Annual Meeting.

December 2019

The Search & Discernment Team Called

With considerable prayer and conversation, the Search & Discernment Team was called by the Vestry in December 2019. The team members are:

  • Paul Corbin, Chair
  • Annette Brown
  • Glen Cole
  • Carly Baker
  • Sue Dibs
  • Zandy Campbell
  • Lacie DeCosta
  • Suresh Koshy
  • Ned Welbourn
  • Arinze Okpala
  • Barritt Peterson
  • Greg VanGeison
  • Betsy Wilmerding
  • Julie Julie McAllister

The Search & Discernment Team will be responsible for fielding the candidates, interviewing and making the recommendation for a call to the Vestry. They will be guided in their work by our Search Consultant, The Rev. Dina van Klaveren.

October 2019

The Transition Begins

With the retirement of our rector, The Rev. Dr. Malcolm Ellis, the Vestry called The Rev. Anjel Scarborough as our Interim Rector who began her ministry with us in October 2019. Anjel+ has been called to serve for a minimum of one year as our interim and her call may be extended based on the pace of our search process. Her role here is to assist us in identifying areas which need attention and those things which will ease the welcome and integration of our new rector. She is passionate about developing and empowering lay ministry, improving the flow of communications, and stretching congregations in exploring the fullness of the riches of Anglican spirituality and worship.

Search Consultant & Search Related Teams

The Rev. Dina van Klaveren, rector of St. Andrew’s Glenwood, has agreed to be our Search Consultant. The role of the Search Consultant is to facilitate the various teams involved in the steps of the overall search process, provide resources and answer questions which may arise during this process. She met with the Vestry on October 19, 2019 for an initial consultation. During this meeting she explained the outline of the search process and the need to develop three teams:

  • Portfolio Team who will develop the Parish Portfolio (Parish Profile)
  • Search Team who will review candidates, interview and make a recommendation for call to the Vestry
  • Transition Team who will coordinate the farewell to our interim and welcome for our new rector

The search process involves four main steps:

  1. Development of a Parish Portfolio (profile)
  2. Interviewing candidates and making a recommendation to the Vestry for a call
  3. Issuing a call to the new rector, acceptance of call, and approval of the bishop
  4. Saying good-bye to the interim rector and welcoming the new rector

During the October 19th meeting, a rough estimate of 18 – 24 months for the completion of the search process was discussed. This only an estimate as there are many events and situations which can cause a search process to take longer.

The Vestry was tasked with forming the Search Team first, followed by the Portfolio Team and then the Transition Team.